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Garage Conversation with Char

Join us for an engaging conversation with Philadelphia natives Clayvon Harris, author of Sub, and Char Brisbane, host of Garage Conversations podcast.

WokeNFree hosted by Natasha and Kahlil Nurse  

Author of Sub: Inside the Notorious School District of Philadelphia, Clayvon Harris, keeps it real, as she discusses needed change in America's public schools with co-hosts Natasha and Kahlil Nurse.

Teaching, Learning Leading K12 with Steven Miletto

In episode 483, Clayvon C. Harris talks with us about her book SUB – Inside the Notorious School District of Philadelphia.

Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies

Clayvon Harris wrote an insightful first-hand account of the conditions and real-life challenges teachers and students face daily in urban schools.

Authority Magazine, Clayvon Harris Offers 5 Things That Should Be Done to Improve the US Educational System by Yitzi Weiner.

Education financing needs to be made fair and equitable for all US students. In many states, wealthier school districts receive more combined state and local funding. In other states, whiter school districts receive more money.

411 Teen on 88.9 WFSU-FM with Dr. Liz Holifield

Join host Dr. Liz Holifield for “411 Teen,” created with teen input, as she interviews Clayvon Harris about her book, Sub.

Leaders and Learners Podcast with Tonya McKenzie

This is for every teacher, administrator, youth advocate, and legislator that claims to care about our kids and their future.

Cover to Cover Book Beat

Cover to Cover Book Beat with Rodger Nichols.

Law Business Insider News Radio, Steve Murphy & Michael Carter

Writer and advocate for fair and equal education, Clayvon C. Harris earned an MFA in Cinema-Television/Screenwriting from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. She also holds a BA in English literature from Swarthmore College where students are taught they have the ability to change the world.