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SUB: Inside the Notorious School District of Philadelphia – Meet the Author

Tonya McKenzie

This is for every teacher, administrator, youth advocate, and legislator that claims to care about our kids and their future.

After working in television writing, Clayvon Harris decided to follow her heart by transitioning to teaching so that she can make her contributions inside the classroom and help youths in her hometown of Philadelphia. Stepping foot inside the classroom opened her eyes to the many problems that exist within Philly’s public school system, and it led Clayvon to write her memoir Sub: Inside the Notorious School District of Philadelphia. In her memoir, she documents her experience working with students while shedding light on a broken education system that is failing the students and youths that make up the next generation. Dive into this conversation with Clayvon as she shares her journey and thoughts on mandatory education reform not just in Philadelphia, but across our country.

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